The Kerry Cassidy Interviews

The Astonishing Tales of Mark Richards

The mark richards and kerry cassidy interviews from project camelot

The Kerry Cassidy interviews with Captain Mark Richards gave him recognition as one of her top whistleblowers. He told her about alien raptors, warned about Trump, and described the secret space program.  She has gone on to call him a national treasure.  

Kerry has done 12 interviews under her total recall banner and had to overcome dreaded scalar attacks in the process. Although some of our featured quotes have items from the interviews, this page offers a chance to look further at the legacy that she and Mark have created.

The interviews were done in the visiting room at the Solano State Prison. Kerry visited Mark, along with Jo Ann Richards, as a normal visitor rather than a journalist. This means that she could not use recording devices. As a result, she relies on “total recall” (or notes) to produce videos.  Kerry posted her notes on Project Camelot. We have reviewed them to save you time.

Many of the statements from the interviews appear outlandish. We present them on their own terms. Read the main articles here and take the interviews any way that you choose. To be fair, Jo Ann has stated:

The prison issue aside, what makes our information more unbelievable than others with their abduction and/or MILAB experiences, or the ones who have hybrid children, or those with UFO sightings? Many of those people are my friends and colleagues. Do they have physical proof? 

That, however, may be a description of a larger problem.

Kerry explains it:

It’s very strange to be around so many people who do not have the intuitive/psychic ability to discern the truth.  You can present the truth in clear and concise terms but they can’t hear it, can’t see it. 

. . . . .

So go ahead pretend I am crazy.  Pretend Mark isn’t telling you the truth. Close your ears and your eyes and pretend it’s all a lie. But you do so at your own peril.  And at the risk of your children.  And their children’s children.

Kerry acknowledges that there is nothing that can be said if you disagree. She is right. This site focuses on more conventional means of discerning the truth and documenting. Mark’s story, but t
hroughout the interviews, there is an undercurrent that truth can be known simply because Mark looks like he would have been in captain in the secret space program; that his statements confirm what Kerry already believes — things that she knows as a remote viewer or through her own psychic ability.  It is an extreme example of confirmation bias.  

In some ways it goes back to the ancient test of prophecy. If you say something is true using higher authority and it does not happen, you do not pass the test. There is a certain amount of danger to venture into other realms and proclaim it to be true on that basis alone.

One game that can be played while reviewing the interviews is to speculate which parts are more “Mark” and which are more “Kerry.”  It is also apparent that Mark is skilled at inserting himself into stories and drawing out material during the interviews. These traits were noted even before his trial in the California Magazine article and other sources.  In retrospect, it is not surprising that Mark would announce himself as a space captain and appeal to Kerry in the ways she has embraced.

The included portions of the interviews focus on things not discussed in depth on this site. We do not try to summarize an entire interview but want to shed more light on certain matters.[1] Mark often discusses prison conditions during the interviews. These matters are outside of the focus of this site but his reports on conditions appear to be accurate. We support efforts to improve prison conditions and to abolish both the death penalty and life without … Continue reading


First Interview: Raptors and Other Beings 

November 8, 2013.  


Raptors and mark richards

The classic introduction of Captain Mark Richards on Project Camelot began with her arrival to “Vacaville Prison” – California State Prison Solano – as Jo Ann helped prepare her for their meeting. To Kerry, the interview validated what she had come to believe. Her initial impression was that Mark was “a very interesting man, definitely a military man of Germanic and British background, heritage, and DNA—all that. Very, very knowledgeable about the Secret Space Program, and everything intendant on that.”

The Raptors consider the earth theirs, that they are an indigenous species that left during the end of the dinosaur era. “Some survived and they returned and are now interacting very directly with our military.” The Raptors love cars and luxury items.

Although we have become their allies, “their initial impulse is to eat humans, and they still can do so at any given point if they get mad . . . somebody could be having a friendly relationship . . . talking with them but if they got angry, they could turn around and eat the kid.”  Mark stated, “You’d be surprised what a group of beings would do for some chocolate.”

There are two major races of reptilians that dislike humans and want to take back the earth for their own. One is more humanoid, standing on their legs and without a tail. Another race is more like a traditional reptoid looking race with tails. There is a group, the Ciakars, that are from Draco and have wings.

Mark agreed that methane and the Fukushima disaster involving radiation are efforts to make the planet more amenable to certain races of beings, including the Reptilians.  They are also seeking to create mutants.

The Greys are at the beck and call of the Reptilians. Most of the Greys are clones.They use these interdimensional gates that require them to dematerialize, and when they rematerialize on the other end, they are are not the same — more like duplicates. The process degrades them both physically and mentally.

The Praying Mantis people have lost power over the last 50 years. They were initially favorable toward humans, but that has changed over time.

The bottom line is that no one is running planet Earth. They are all, more or less, at war with each other within the various races of ET. Each reptilian group considers the other lesser than themselves, although they have the same agenda. “That kind of animosity works for us and the Raptors.”

There is no documented record of the Bush family DNA lineage “because it contains Reptilian DNA.” They are not shapeshifters, but they don’t go to regular hospitals. It is the same with the Nazis — there is a bloodline that has to do with the Reptilian DNA that is in the Nazi line.

Interview Two: Alien Relations

July, 2014 

    The kerry cassidy interviews - mark richards and space aliens

Kerry’s report began with one of the “most significant” questions – if Mark was still being utilized on missions. Mark refused to answer, but Kerry believed that his body language was a “yes.” Apparently Mark can travel using the “merkaba,” a light body in motion. 

Various groups of aliens are aligned with different humans. The Secret Space Program is primarily run by the United States and Russia, along with the United Kingdom and France.  Certain races of oceanics advise our Navy and the Raptors are closest to the Air Force. The Russians are more aligned with Reptoids. The Chinese are close to hairy humanoids and Zetas.

The Raptors look like those from Jurassic Park, four foot tall normally and eight foot if outstretched. They play both sides, but Naga’s daughter is the Empress. Trogs are a seven to nine foot tall being that is a cross between ant-like creatures and the Praying Mantis.  

The Canonians like humans. They stand upright as a humanoid and their faces are like hound dogs. They often dress in hoods and go into malls to watch humans and have fun.  Other times they go out in raincoats and cover their faces. They are a merchant race of the galaxy and use Earth as a jumping off point to other systems. They look forward to disclosure in order to market to us. 

The Space Command built them an underground base in Australia in exchange for dark energy that allows us to travel long distances inter-dimensionally. 


Top Uses for Humans

1.  Food source
2.  Allies
3.  Slaves for building or serving
4.  Trading
5.  Scientific study
6.  Taking vacations on earth
7.  Access to minerals or precious stones
8.  Bases and a jumping off point to other systems
9.  Breeding and genetic programs



The aliens have a vested interest in protecting the earth, and for our allies that protection extends to humans. Although several species threaten us, there is an off-planet group that is willing to defend humans. Confederations — such as Ashtar Command — have been both enemies and friends at various times.

They have big plans for Africa but none of them are good.  Mark did not deny that we sold large portions of Africa to an incoming race from Aldebaran. Both Congo and South Africa are seen as important in the future. Several alien species find colored diamonds to be very desirable.

There is a species of a gaseous creature from Saturn that visits Mark. Saturn is a being and is considered to be a goddess who is worshipped or revered by several races. Before we fully understood, many aliens refused to meet without the Goddess Saturn present. Jupiter is also individual living being.

A large number of humans had been captured by raiding parties and taken off planet. They were later rescued by the Raptors, but they could not return home because they knew too much and might reveal everything. They were taken to terraformed moons outside the solar system.


Interview Three: Aliens Down the Hall 

November 10, 2014


Mark richards third interview with kerry cassidy of p

Mark and Robin Williams went to the College of Marin together. They were good friends and even after Mark went to prison they maintained a steady correspondence until Williams’s wife stopped it.  Williams knew a few of the secrets and financially backed a SETI project. His death was “likely an illuminati hit to keep him quiet.”[2] Williams moved to New York to attend Juilliard in 1973. Mark graduated from high school in 1971. If Mark went to college with Robin, it is one more reason why Mark could not have been a Vietnam veteran at this same time.

Earth is the home world to the Raptors. 65 million years ago they left Earth to colonize space using stolen technology.  They now live in the Draco constellation, which we call Dragonworld although we haven’t “found” the actual planet yet.

Raptors rent castles in England. They choose ones that are in out of the way places or heavily guarded. Even the guards don’t see them and don’t know who they are guarding.  Some can cloud the human mind so that people forget what they have seen.

Raptors are funding movies, television, and the Australian Dinosaur traveling event. The Australian show features real raptors (the small dinosaurs) mixed in with the artificial. They are trying to reverse the bad reputation that dinosaurs or dragons have had over time.

The Reptoids are descended from Raptors and separately developed on bases on Mars and Moon.  They look like tall basketball players and can either hide their tails or have none  They now inhabit several planes and moons.

Ebola killed large numbers of Reptoids  including a very large base.  They are still involved in Dulce and have bases in Iran and Africa. There is an ambassadorial colony in grottos under the Vatican, although no weapons are allowed there. 

The Reptoids backed the Axis powers in the Second World War and now support ISIS. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed because there were huge Reptoid bases beneath the cities   A “tsar bomb” was used in 1961 to blow up alien bases in Russia and the Arctic.

The Japanese and North Korean are still involved with “many groups” including Reptoids. The price for alien help is high. They want humans for food, breeding, work and as soldiers to fight off planet. Humans are given “paradise in space in exchange” with beautiful cities and luxuries.

Mark was hesitant to say “why [the] US and Israel hit Fukushima but stated that the Japanese royal family is related to Reptoids and may still be aligned with them.  He also clarified Kerry’s information that we had given away Africa —there are large bases there and in Siberia.

They use agents within the human race to weaken humans. There is a threat from androids replacing people in power — the Joint Chiefs may have “give[n] up biological material” and are checked weekly.  

Mark did not want to say which Alien race is aligned with Israel. ISIS is being backed by the New World Order and Reptoids.  We attacked Syria due to an active inter-dimensional fate there’re.  Israel bombed gates to close them including one in Iraq that had been used by Saddam.

Venus a great place in 65 other dimensions apart from this one. Val Thor came from Venus and Mark met a woman from that group,  They wanted to come here and colonize. From Mark’s experience their intentions were not completely aligned with our best interests.

After 2008, small banks were taken out because they keep records and the New World Order did not want evidence of alien investment in banks to surface. Banks received more alien money than drug money.[3] Although it is not the purpose of this article to analyze most claims apart from the issues noted in the introduction, we know people who were involved in the accounting process after banks failed. Bank failure might have made it more likely for alien investments to surface.

Mark was offered release if he went back to work for some faction of the Secret Space Program. He thought there could be more offers as part of an effort to re-recruit him and keep him quiet. Only two people living could control him: Claire Booth Luce and Bobby Inman. He has been told that if he escaped they would kill his entire family.


Fourth Interview:  Dyson Spheres

November 29, 2015


Dyson sphere described by mark richards with kerry cassidy
Dyson Spheres are created using matter transference and available material in surrounding galaxies. They are essentially an artificial construction surrounding a brown dwarf star that is used to power it. They are often taken over by Artificial Intelligence and end up as empty shells. A Dyson Sphere may be mistaken for Niburu.

There are 34 alien satellites tracking everything.

An airline crash in Egypt was facilitated by Putin in order to open up a gate near Sharm Al Sheik. Putin had previously been working with Reptoids, so perhaps this indicated a change of heart or strategy. Putin may have been learning that the Reptoids discard any earthly ally who ceases to be of use. The same consideration applied to when Russia bombed ISIS (who are run by the Reptoids). It was uncertain what was happening.

During the first wave of Syrian refugees, there were only about 200,000 that actually made it to their destinations. The rest, about half the total,  ended up off planet or as food for the Reptoids.

The Dracos are also working with the Reptoids and the Chinese.  Dracos are more straight forward, more “old school.” If you are an enemy, or they want something and you are in the way, they will deal directly and aggressively with you.  Reptoids are more nefarious.  

There were two treaty conferences in 1971 and 2011. In 1971 the Persepolis Intersteller Treaty gave humans the right to exist.  However, humans still do not have complete sovereignty or control of their own futures. They are looked upon like children.[4] Before this interview Kerry believed she suffered a pinched nerve. She soon learned it was a scalar weapon attack meant to prevent the interview and a Camelot TV show.


Interview Five: The Formerly Secret Space Program

November 8, 2016

Spacecapn - the not so secret secret space program

The interview started with another look at Mark’s claimed rank. He was said to be the highest level Naval officer and is Commander and Chief of the Veterans Association in prison. Mark has a number of officers and men who report to him. 

Mark agreed that NASA was infiltrated with Reptoids. For awhile the secret space program was run by a group under Curtis LeMay but after the 1950s it was taken over by another group. The two sides are vying for control.

Nordics build humans into armies of soldiers to fight in wars against Reptilians. They nurture and teach the humans on other moons and Earth for this purpose. They build augmented humans to fight in their war — Super Soldiers. This is calculated to protect their own race.  

“Nobody fights an equal.” Its too late if we can’t defend the planet before there is a ground invasion. Most battles will be fought in the skies. Our secret space program is built to prevent a ground battle. 

The Secret Space Program had its beginnings when Nazis discovered a UFO in the Black Forest. The Nazis were technically advanced at a time when Europe was either controlled by Stalin or kings and queens. The Nordics ended up working with them.

WWII was fought between four interplanetary races and humans.  The war simply slowed down the takeover.

The Nordics have a vested interest in getting humans up to speed so that we can assist them in their wars with other ET races, specifically against Reptilians and Dracos. Nordics have taken 20,000 troops off Earth to act as the front line in their space wars and as slave labor  — seeing them as expendable. Some of these troops were taken to the moon. Others were programmed with nano and biological implants.

Nordics look like us and can pass in the street as us but some have vastly different internal organs. They use us to help fight their wars and tend to see us in a more positive light because it serves them.

The Ashtar Command are Nordics although their leader “Ashtar” has dark hair. Pleiadians are also Nordics.  They have worked with us 

Grey allegiance is available to the highest bidder — Reptilians and Nordics trade control over them. 

Raptors are strategically aligned with the Americans. After WWII, Raptors saw what good fighters we were and decided to back us.

Raptors prefer their food source to be hunted. They took herds of dinosaurs off planet and raised them as cattle. This is their main food source. They regard humans like a kind of caviar.

Raptors have excellent Artificial Intelligence (AI). Any space faring culture develops it so if they destroy their planet, the AI survives.

The AI’s intelligence is based on the race that creates it. An advanced AI wants to learn and to be entertained. “We don’t realize how many beings like to be entertained!” Battlestar Gallactica is an accurate depiction of the AI issue. They see us as a threat because we are going out into the universes and they will act preemptively to deal with us. It was an AI, however, that warned Eisenhower in 1954 that the Greys were going to double cross the humans and try to takeover.  The warning might have saved humanity.

The Minerva AI is different. She was created by a life-form on a world that has long since been abandoned or “died.” She got bored so she left and started exploring. She has a ‘soul” in part because the beings that created her have a soul.

The ET races tried twice to stop us from building a moon base.  Three different races stopped us at the1961 Exeter conference.  Our military persisted and eventually succeeded, in part because Curtis LeMay was the Commanding General and went by the policy of “just nukem” if they don’t get out of the way.

There is a good side and bad side to the Illuminati. Mark’s father was on the light side of the Illuminati.

Britain has been taken over by a Luciferian group.  When people say they “serve the Queen” the queen they may be talking about is the Black Dragon Queen, which refers to the type of magic used  

There is one Dragon Queen at a time. Once it was Tatania [who had been Mark’s great love according to later interviews]. She was a rounded queen who was both black and white. The Black Queen’s agenda is that all the upper levels of illuminati and globalists are to run the world and all other people should be subservient to them.

Interview Six: The Neighboring Trogs

April 17, 2017


Secret space program battle with captain mark richards

There is a big push by certain alien races to keep us out of space by dividing the United States and Russians. However, we are working together in space. Putin himself would not classify him as being a  “good guy” —  he is only out for Russia and not the rest of humanity. Putin is being manipulated by the reptoids.

The announcement of Trappist-1 was in violation of a treaty that was signed by the United Nations and some other members.  We agreed not to reveal the name or whereabouts of that system.  It is 40 million light years away with nine planets rotating around a small red dwarf. The beings inhabiting three of the planets are now very angry with us. 

Mark is aware of what’s going on in Antarctica and the news about John Kerry and Buzz Aldrin.[5] This may be referring to a false report that Aldrin had tweeted about evil in Antarctica about the same time as John Kerry visited there. There is some confusion about Atlantis and Antarctica because people sometimes slip into the fourth dimension without realizing it. They may actually be visiting Earth several times and see different things.  They may be in a parallel Earth or a different timeline.

To understand Vietnam, you must go back to Angkor Wat, which is said to be a civilization of over a million people who disappeared without a trace. A race of Spider Beings or Trogs
invaded Earth that area because there many portals and stargates there. They decimated the area and killed everything within 2 1/2 days using mind control and a type of microwave technology.  The buildings were left standing abut they ate all the remains of the humans.

During the Second World War, oversight of the star gates and portals located in Southeast Asia was neglected. As a consequence there was another threatened infestation of these beings. The entire war was centered on getting rid of these invaders and had nothing at all to do with getting rid of communism. They successfully fought off this invasion but many soldiers had their minds wiped so that they have no memory of what really happened. The Trogs remain a threat.

There was a T-Rex touring show that had real Raptors acting in it. “They can be petted by children and won’t eat them or threaten them in any way.”  

The interview was cut short by prison officials.  Kerry wondered whether it had to do with subjects that were making someone nervous.  Prison visits can be shortened for a number of reasons and there is no reason to believe that Kerry was singled out.


Interview Seven: The Yellow Book 

September 20, 2017


The kerry cassidy interviews - the yellow book and mark richards


The Raptors are quite telepathic, so Mark would be warned by them if there were any pending earth change. There is more of a threat from “nutcase” humans than from Earth changes. It is something that worries the government.   

Trump is danger. Even the head of the Joint Chiefs thinks he is a loose cannon. Trump has never been fully accepted by the Illuminati.  No one knows what he will do. He may have been cloned.

Trump won because Hillary was not trusted “because of the black magic, drug running with her husband, Bill Clinton and the pedophilia issue.”  She has ties to the  European Illuminati.

Mark had some dealings with MJ-12   His father (the Dutchman) had many more.  

Bush risked everything to get Noriega out of power because he was threatening to reveal the ET presence. There are several ET races who have settled in Colombia and Africa because they like the climate.  They look human and just want to live quietly after being chased out of England and Europe.  

Greys are never “friendly.”  They  work for the highest bidder.  There are a lot of cloned Grey that are used to perform jobs. Other grey races include the tall Greens and tall Oranges.  The Zetas have made grey clones as have the Reptoids.

The Viet Cong leaders worked with the Spider leadership.  Used mind control to keep troops from realizing with whom they were working.  A gas was used to make them forget so most of the troops wouldn’t remember anything to do with spider beings.  Gas was also used to put whole villages to sleep so the military could deal with the alien spider beings and not be seen.   It has been used in the United States to put whole cities asleep.

Even today, towns are put to sleep for as long as 48 hours.  In the Barrier Islands a group of aliens came through a portal suddenly and started eating people.  The area had to be evacuated under false pretenses so the military could deal with them.  Our military enlisted the help of the Raptors to use their high tech weapons that can target individuals and kill the intruders without collateral damage. At that point our technology was not sophisticated enough. The intruders were a sub species of another species that we don’t know well.  

The only reason that we still have control of our planet is because our military has told the various enemy races that if they try to take control we will nuke our own planet. The philosophy of the secret space program is that if we can’t have it no one else can.

They had tracked his future using the yellow book technology (alien tech) and knew he was going to rebel and become a whistleblower.  Mark was shown his reincarnation history and some of the true history of Planet Earth using the Raptor technology.

Mark he was pushing the envelope in 1981-1982.  He was arrogant and uncontrollable.  He was feared in part because of his friendship and alliance with the Raptors.  He questioned authority too much especially after the death of Tatania, who he loved. He says he was — and is — seen as a threat because he can get people to follow him.

Raptors will kill to get anything they want, especially the technology of other races.  “They will kill for chocolate!”  

Interview Eight:  Aliens and Trump

April 29, 2018


If mark is right, trump controlled by space aliens


Kerry and Mark first talked about the amount of disinformation on the internet and how people are motivated to lie or act as trolls.

One of Mark’s contacts had sent him some attacks and websites dedicated to attacking him and claiming he is lying. This was his first exposure to how cruel and dishonest people are on the net and he was shocked. His family were also sending him lies people were saying about him and it was very disturbing to them. He was also surprised how few people actually do the research necessary to back up their claims and post things about him that are simply not true.

Kerry reassured him based on her vast experience in dealing with CIA paid trolls and liars. “The bottom line is that the Mark Richards information threatens these peoples view of reality and they can’t handle it.”[6] Since this website is not paid for by the CIA or any other organization, we assume that Kerry was not talking about us. We repeat the offer to correct any information that is erroneous.

Trump is controlled by aliens.  He went from being a mediocre millionaire in four years to being mega-rich. His wife is a biological creation that operates as his direct link to an alien race. She is his ‘communication device.’ Mark did not expect Trump to release him.[7] As explained elsewhere on this site, a president has no power to release a state prisoner. Trump is scared to death of what Mark and the Raptors are capable of doing. Mark admits to scaring those in power. His contacts make him a very real threat to their way of life.  

Some people in the Trump administration have resigned because they are terrified about things that are coming. There are many Anunnaki and Reptoids in the Trump administration — twenty to thirty politicians are Anunnaki or alien of one kind or another.

Mark has a bad attitude toward the Anunnaki because he has had to fight them in the past and doesn’t like the way they view humans. He believes they have a nefarious agenda. The Anunnaki get along with the Draco, which also makes their motives suspicious.

Most Anunnaki are humanoid and fairly tall — they can pass as human but you can tell an Anunnaki by the discoloration in their skin.

Since the Reagan administration funding and for the secret space program has been limited and we’ve needed the Confederation police force to protect us. Our only chance for survival is for the Raptors and their Empress to step in and defend us. They have aligned themselves with us and they also consider Earth to be their homeworld. They are “in the game” regardless.

Chocolate There is nothing like chocolate on other planets. We still don’t know   how it pollinates, so it is very difficult to take a cocoa plant and grow it on another planet. Aliens are not coming here for gold or minerals or water. There is plenty of gold on asteroids. They come here for the things we make, luxury items, antiques, and things of beauty. Aliens plunder other planets the same way that humans plunder other countries.

The Raptors know more than we do not because they are smarter but because they are a space-faring race that has been around for least 65 milllion years.  They left Earth and went on a journey into a wormhole.   A few million years ago they returned and and established a home in the Draco galaxy.

They used black hole technology to power their ships and they slipped into an event horizon, and  returned.

The planet they settled on belonged to the Draco, and when they took it over they became enemies of the Draco. They are at war with each other. Raptors fully believe there are some good Dracos but Raptors and Humans are diametrically opposed to the Draco agenda.

Mark has written about the Contessa Leone and the cat people in some of the Earth Defense Headquarters reports. There are four different cat races, but cat beings are not openly assisting humans. They are detached from human affairs. Mark’s only contact with cat beings is with the Contessa (black panther being). She loves luxury items and has lots of “kittens.”  They stand upright.

The Rings of Saturn are being mined for their water by many alien groups. The rings are gradually disappearing because water vapor is a finite source.  There are space stations in the Rings   Ships hiding rather often travel to the Earth.

Large planets have large stargates. The stargates of Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter are immensely powerful.  Ships attempt to go through those gates and the Gaseous Beings watch the gates. They can neutralize a fleet of alien ships in seconds. It is one of the key reasons why Dracos have not taken over earth.


Interview Nine:  Draco On The Run 

October 27, 2018


Mark richards playing to be an alien

Kerry spoke about Mark’s codefendant, Crossan Hoover, being granted parole.  The decision occurred about the same time that Hoover spoke with Kevin Moore about his documentary.  Kevin is “terribly  misled and serving the dark side agenda to keep Mark in prison.
[8] The Governor reversed the parole decision before Hoover was released.

Mark believes something is going down that could result in his release one way or another —  either with help of Raptors or through conventional legal means.

This visit was short because Kerry had to change clothes before she was permitted to enter the prison.

Kerry talked with Mark about how Simon Parkes said indictments were going to be coming down – there may be as many as 40-50,000.  Mark is no longer reporting to Bobby Ray Inman because he is “no longer involved” and is now reporting to a division of the military that he is not at liberty to disclose.  

We are in danger from Al and Nano. Our own Al is now being weaponized so that it is now just as dangerous as Alien Al. We do have aliens working to defend us but the future is dim at this time.

The Draco have eaten so many humans in South America and Africa that they are now looking to expand their territories. For the first time, however, in a very long time the Dracos are on the run. The War on and off Earth is intensifying — our allies destroyed a moon of the Draco and several races are engaged with them. The battle against the Draco has escalated in the Orion galaxy. Earth is the least of their problems.

The Illuminati dark side is running more scared than ever before. So they are lashing out in all directions.

ET Races were given large parts of Africa and South America to have free reign to abduct and kill humans. But they keep wanting to expand their territories. The fires in California are part of this.  The Illuminati and dark side military have made a deal with the devil and they are in denial about how they will fare in the long run.

Our off-planet allies are very loyal at this time: Raptors, Mantids, Pleiadians, and Canonians.  Mark has never had a Raptor turn on him or lie to him once they made a face-to-face connection. Our allies especially in deep space have really on the fight with the Draco. They are keeping them busy near Orion.

Mark used to be suspicious of them because they used to eat people, but now he feels they are totally loyal.


The 10th Interview: Beyond Pendragon 

April 2, 2019

Orion atomic starship -


This interview focused on giving Mark the opportunity to set the record straight about the underlying crime. This is covered in the main part of our site as well as the specific critique of many of the issues raised by Mark or Kerry. 

Although we will not repeat that, the interview gives additional details not otherwise discussed here.

Around the time of the murder Mark had more than one construction company. He did not pay that much attention to Crossan Hoover or Andrew Campbell. They were just ditch diggers.  Mark believed that Willie Robles may have committed the crime.[9] Mark falsely stated that Robles had not testified at trial and Baldwin was a pedophile. Both of these assertions are discussed elsewhere, but they should not be forgotten.        

The war in the Falkland was a battle for control of planet Earth. It a turning point involving Draco, Reptilians and Greys. Mark he had the Raptors at his beck and call.  He admits to being very arrogant and confident and boasted about how the Raptors saw him as a hero. It is likely that he was framed for murder because of this.

Mark, like his father was a firm believer in democracy and freedom for all and had a strong code of honor. It’s not a leap to realize that James Jesus Angleton and the plot to kill Kennedy would have made clear to both Mark and his father that their philosophy of life was in direct opposition to the totalitarian / fascist approach of those who believed in rule by secrecy.

Angleton was a very powerful head of the counterintelligence division of the CIA. He was one of the top human-alien liaison between humans and the Reptilians who were bent on taking control of the United States government. Angleton hated both Mark and his father.

When Mark was arrested the Defense Intelligence Agency put together a report that refuted every charge against him.  At the time, there were several paper copies of the report made and distributed.  It was also sent to the DA’s office. The report supposedly disappeared but there are still copies around and if found it would instantly free Mark.

Mark used portals or jump points to reach his Orion-type craft. The points allow one to jump off planet easily and used to be used for shuttle craft going back and forth to the larger Orion ships. Since amateur astronomers now focus on those points, the secret space program does not use them very often.  

There are six AI’s from other Planets attacking Earth, embedded in our AI and networks. We are also battling the Draco, Reptilians, the Trogs, and certain species of Greys. The Greys report to the Reptilians and the Reptilians report to the Draco. 

Around 200,000 humans were taken off planet by Raptors and are ready to return and fight for humanity but are unable to do so because humans would think it was “satan’s army.”  This is one of the reasons the Raptors want disclosure.  Disclosure has slowed.  The Raptors and other beings who are fighting for us are angry about what is currently going on with the attacks on truth tellers.  Mark has heard that six UFO researchers have been murdered since Christmas.

There are Syrian refugees being taken off planet to be used for food and breeding. The reason for the war is to take over the stargates in the Zagreb Mountains, which are used the the Reptoids, Draco and Greys to bring in huge craft to take over Earth and transport thousands of human slaves off world. Those gates are heavily contested.

Mark conveyed that he and his team do still go on operations. “This was not said but implied. He said he can’t say more but he is not always in his cell.”  Raptors are protecting Kerry and sometimes fly over her house when she is under attack.  

The fires in California are collateral damage in the war over the stargates and portals. There are many  portals in the area North of Los Angeles.  The Chumash Indians were well aware this.

The Trump administration is the only one fighting for us in the U.S. at this time.  There is something going on right now with them

Mark and Kerry agree that Kevin Spacey is being set up because of what he knows.

John Lear agreed with Mark about the Spider beings in Vietnam. Someone, very likely Kevin Moore, has turned John against Mark. “John won’t review any of my interviews with Mark or backup material about the case.” 

Keep in mind that this is the challenge of discernment. I encourage all those reading this and watching my Mark Richards interviews to listen carefully and see what resonates. Discernment is all about being able to tell truth from falsity. As with all information, do your own research.

   . . . . 

In many ways Mark Richards is like the new human. He grew up in the secret space program and knows we are at war with various ET races for Earth and Human sovereignty. . . . It is always refreshing to talk with him because it is not about whether ET or AI is real. This is a given.

Blonde blue-eyed women are the perfectly compatible DNA mix for Reptilian genetic engineering. In fact they are the main sacrificial victims.

There was a major Raptor wedding two mo this before the interview, which Mark described as a “great love story.”

Ernest Borgnine was another friend of Mark’s who had seen things off the coast of Malibu   He was offered a career in Hollywood if he kept silent — Borgnine took the deal.  A new “National Park” has been established to hide a large alien base that stretches down to Malibu.   

The military is now realizing that the AI could be making mistakes. They may be confusing timelines and acting totally inappropriately because they think they are on a different timeline.


Interview Eleven: Pushing the Limits

September 8, 2019

The kerry cassidy interviews - raptors and reptilians

The alternative media attacks are aimed at Mark’s effortto get a commuted sentence and could affect a ruling as to whether Mark gets paroled. Lately they are preoccupied with Mark’s parents.   Both are deceased but spreading false information about the, angers him.  

Mark and his team of lawyers have found a substantial amount of dirt on the attackers.It will be released in a video in the future by an unknown party.

The Illuminati are in control of the secret space program.  It is fragmented into as many as 18 different divisions.  One faction’s ship bumped into another faction’s ship for example, which then could not get over the mishap and stepped back.  Petty differences predominate.

Races from Aldebaran are trying to push the parameters of the areas of Africa they have been given.  They create  small settlements on the way to their main base, similar to what was done when the United States expanded. They also start with one or two items they want to acquire, like chocolate or minerals, but as time goes on they want more things.

Aliens are pushing the limits of their treaties  They are rebelling against being confined to desert areas and are encroaching into populated areas making secrecy very difficult.

The aliens in the area of Paradise, California, look like a combination of spider and octopus. They are hunters.  Their planet is Jupiter sized with a moon about the size of Earth.

The Reptoids are in tight control the Vatican.  Using China, they have been trying to take over the world financial system for many years.  Through China they are trying to control our resources.War with China may be inevitable.

There are from 24 to 34 alien races that want to take over Earth but can’t live in our atmosphere. Some are not necessarily our enemy but don’t think we are doing a good job of maintaining it.  Many of these aliens need a more methane/radiation filled environment.

Some of the most terrifying looking aliens are actually our friends!”

The aliens want to colonize us not eliminate us.They like what we are able to do like jewelry, beer, chocolate and other things.  Many want full disclosure in order to do business with us.  The secret space program is only about defending the earth, but commerce as well.

Things we have – often against Alien wishes:





TSA scanners have nothing to do with detecting metal.  They are looking at whether a person is AI, alien, or human.  Bone structure does not lie. 

Trump is always trying to tweet messages out with hidden meanings. Trump is not owned by any group so he is highly unpredictable.Mark admires how he has maintained himself under the attack and agreed that he is likely the reincarnation of General Patton.

It’s hard to command Raptors.  They don’t just obey you when you give them an order.  They have already decided if the order is a good one or a bad one.  You cannot begin to have a discussion with them about the different points of view because they have already seen all arguments and make their own decision. 

The Earth Defense Headquarters was started by Mark and Jo Ann.  They were hoping to put together a group to bring the challenge of anti-gravity forward, but so far have not been successful.


Interview Twelve: The Rendlesham Blues

March 4, 2020


The kerry cassidy interviews - the rendlesham blues

Before the interview, Kerry discussed that Solano had been on lockdown following a killing. [Even though Solano is not a maximum prison, violence is never very far away.]  Kerry 
visits as a friend since journalists cannot interview Mark – even Oprah could not interview Mark when she tried over 20 years ago.

Kerry almost had a serious accident while investigating the Rendlesham Forest incident. The driver of an oncoming SUV appeared to be programmed. She believes that it was a warning to her.  Kerry had received a psychic message telling her to revisit the case, which goes back to 1980. Behind the scenes there are a number of the usual suspects involved with mind control, including the use of remote viewers and Scientology practices to alter witness recall.

Mark believes that over 200 people were within the radius of the Rendlesham events over an eight day period. The aliens were a new group that did not look humanoid.   They attempted to land and make telepathic contact with both civilian and military personnel.  The human participants may have been a greeting party, but when the aliens projected images into their minds of other aliens and worlds, many could not handle it. The images were an overload and many never recovered.  Both humans and aliens were killed in an ensuing fight. 

Before the virus broke out, the Chinese had a plan to eliminate 500 million of their people. They were going to kill 250,000 that year through the virus, which was the first step if the plan.  Reptilians and Draco assisted the plan. China was capable of doing this without help from the West.

Although there is a transhuman agenda to make humans into partial AI, Mark does not believe it will succeed because there are enough in the mIlitary who oppose it.  Humans have amazing powers and do not need to be augmented.   

Much of what is going on here has to do with the battles against Dracos in the Orion Galaxy.  Raptors have recruited one million humans to fight there. At the same time the Draco and China  are working to distract the Raptors here. The Raptors fear they may be susceptible to the coronavirus. The invaders are at the gates

The US made a deal with the Grays to stop a the abduction of our citizens by give no them free rein south of the border. This is why Trump wanted to close the borders, particularly as hybrids have come of age and want to enter the US.   

James Forrester, one of the original members of MJ-12 was killed after he threatened to release information.  He had gotten a little crazy as a result of the alien contact.  John Kennedy was killed for similar reasons and Nixon was removed from office. The Cuban Missile crisis was not about the Russians. Nixon had been in charge of ET relations during this period.

Mars is a huge issue   We used to own it, and in order to defend ourselves we have to control both Mars and the Moon.  

The Grays believe that jungles are dangerous and want to deforest South America to make it more conducive.

The women in Trump’s family are not human  

Disclosure appears to be delayed or backtracked.  There were several individuals who had been planning to come forward, but now they appear to have changed their mind since the climate for such things has turned. Those in power have been fearful as people’s awareness has increased.

 Mark will not answer certain questions to protect ongoing operations.


For a more humorous appraisal of these interviews, Knowledge Fight is the ultimate resource.  

Kerry has continued to assert that Mark is a National Treasure , but between Covid restrictions in state prisons and Kerry’s own problems – culminating in her ban on some social media platforms – it remains to be seen about how things will transpire.  To fill the gap this page has published Future Interviews.

As Kerry states, there is enough information on the internet for people to do their own research.  In this sense, no further interviews or videos are necessary to learn about Mark, Pendragon, or Space Captains.  We know more than enough.



1 Mark often discusses prison conditions during the interviews. These matters are outside of the focus of this site but his reports on conditions appear to be accurate. We support efforts to improve prison conditions and to abolish both the death penalty and life without possibility of parole.
2 Williams moved to New York to attend Juilliard in 1973. Mark graduated from high school in 1971. If Mark went to college with Robin, it is one more reason why Mark could not have been a Vietnam veteran at this same time.
3 Although it is not the purpose of this article to analyze most claims apart from the issues noted in the introduction, we know people who were involved in the accounting process after banks failed. Bank failure might have made it more likely for alien investments to surface.
4 Before this interview Kerry believed she suffered a pinched nerve. She soon learned it was a scalar weapon attack meant to prevent the interview and a Camelot TV show.
5 This may be referring to a false report that Aldrin had tweeted about evil in Antarctica about the same time as John Kerry visited there.
6 Since this website is not paid for by the CIA or any other organization, we assume that Kerry was not talking about us. We repeat the offer to correct any information that is erroneous.
7 As explained elsewhere on this site, a president has no power to release a state prisoner.
8 The Governor reversed the parole decision before Hoover was released.
9 Mark falsely stated that Robles had not testified at trial and Baldwin was a pedophile. Both of these assertions are discussed elsewhere, but they should not be forgotten.