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Going Further into the saga of Captain Mark Richards, including the history of flying saucers at Hamilton AFB, interviews with Kerry Cassidy, quotations, and comic relief — along with all the links needed to understand more or to have some fun. Ongoing notes and news are in the SpaceCapn Blog.


Jo Ann Fawcett — After Mark

An interview with Jo Ann after she and Mark were divorced.  She talks about being married to a narcissist and mentions some areas where Mark was not being truthful, yet still maintains that the story is true.

Chatting About Mark

A frank discussion with ChatGPT about the Captain, the Secret Space Program, stabdards of evidence, and whether the AI works for Draco

The Illustrated Mark Richards

Selected scenes from the life of Mark Richards, including both real and Mark’s imaginary life.  

The Dill Factor

An explanation. The saga is revealed as a piece of performance art. In retrospect, it should have been obvious.

Mark Richards and the Secret Diplomas

Mark has claimed numerous advanced degrees.  Despite several promises the proof remains mysterious. These diplomas may be among the ones that have been promised, but there are mysteries that remain.

It’s Mark Richards Time!

A timeline focusing on Mark’s claims about his father, military service, and academic record. If Mark is to be believed, a Harry Potter time turner would come in handy. But at the very least it puts the saga into perspective. Does Mark Richards Time have anything to do with the actual time?

Mark richards - furtherMark has long said can’t leave prison go off-planet because of all of his relationships here. At this point, however, the only thing to truly restore Marks credibility might be if Naga took him out of prison and he released a “so long and thanks for the fish” type of video as he reunites with Atimpaasa – a Pleiadian with whom he fathered a child. It’s never too late to reunite with a long lost love.,

Beyond Midlife Magic

Jo Ann Richards and Midlife Magic. Her book is about more than Mark – and this review does not cover personal matters outside the main interest.  Still, it has some insights with Space Nazis, Raptors, and fictional loves all making appearances.

The Memes About Mark Richards

Memes about Captain Mark suitable for many uses. (Updated 8/23/22.)

Memes of captain mark richards - further

No Comment

The funnies according to the usual cast of characters.   Raptors, Mark, Reagan, and more. (Update 4/10/23.)

Val thor from venus according to frank stranges

A Quick Stop At Venus

Mark has validated the story of Val Thor, a Venusian who sought world peace.  Didn’t all Venusians want peace?

Broken Truth: The Dreams of Kerry Cassidy

What do QAnon, Trump, vaccination conspiracies and Mark Richards have in common?

The Keys to Credibility

Mark and Jo Ann have promised to document Mark’s claimed degrees. They can also establish that Mark was a navy captain. It’s time.

The Astonishing Tales of Mark Richards

Highlights from the twelve interviews with Kerry Cassidy – stories of Raptors, space battles, and intrigue. Not to mention the Raptors’ love of chocolate, antiques, and dino-shows.

Ragocazy - captain mark richards murder in camelot

Nearly Famous Quotes

A collection of quotes by and about Mark from a variety of sources – from all sides of the debate – that may explain everything or nothing. (6/11/22.)

The UFO Lore of Hamilton

The old Air Force base was once regarded as a prime place to take pictures of a flying disc. Ellis Richards is said to have met Naga there, but apart from that the base played a tragic role in the early Maury Island investigation and was the scene of controversial sightings.

The Murder of Richard Baldwin

A critique of speculation advanced by Paul Collin on the Project Camelot website. Collin defames the victim and confuses his own fantasy with fact. But other than that . . . read about it here.

Mark’s Final Defense

Kerry Cassidy’s 10th Interview with Mark offered him the opportunity to tell his side of the story — not a murderer! It’s no more convincing this time around.

Who Benefits?

Cassidy has asked “who benefits?” It is a question that needs a reasonable answer. A clue: it’s not Mark!

Links to Additional Resources

Pendragon chronicles

California Magazine:  “The Pendragon Chronicles,” Jan. 1983, by Richard Reynolds. Pretrial article on Richards, Baldwin, Hoover, and the events of the time.

Murder in CamelotCrimes Gone By, the Collected Essays of Albert Borowitz. The original article used by Murderpedia . It is the most complete account of the trial that was ever published. Once there was a spot that wanted to be known as Camelot- or at least Pendragon.

Mark Richards 

Source material from the Earth Defense Headquarters, Kerry Cassidy, and other sites presenting Mark in his own words.

Captain mark richards - space command kerry cassidy interviews

Captain Mark Richards:  The total recall Kerry Cassidy interviews (Project Camelot) introduced Mark to a wider audience.  Cassidy describes Mark as one of her main whistleblowers, a national treasure, and a source of information.

China Gates:  YouTube talk by Jo Ann Richards.

Dragonhill:   Blog, poetry, and news by Jo Ann and Mark Richards.

Dulce Report:  Edited and Condensed by Branton, it describes a battle against aliens in New Mexico.  It is said that the report was prepared for the Joint Chiefs.  Note that Branton raises several problems with Mark’s story.

Earth Defense Headquarters:  The original site. The nonprofit has since been disbanded.

Knights of the Cold War: The claimed lineage of the Richards family.   Note that there are several talks by Jo Ann and other documentation with this title, as linked to from our main site.

Marks report, jo anne interview, and plagiarized material from our original site.

Sex Slaves Freed:  This article from Stargate To The Cosmos website combines an interview with Jo Ann, Mark’s Dulce Report, and an brief uncredited out of context excerpt from an older version of this site’s introduction (used without permission). It may be the only Mark, Jo Ann, and I were featured together, but did they read my full article?

Uncuffed:  Mark on being a Vietnam veteran. A KALW radio program. He claims to have been greeted with a bag of manure thrown on him on his return from a war he did not fight. If Mark was really a veteran his comments on PTSD would be more compelling.

Vesta: Video about the battle of Vesta, the Dulce base, and Mark Richards.

Legal Matters

Detectives Interview with Mark: The transcript of the original interrogation after Mark’s arrest, during the murder investigation.

Hoover v. Carey: A federal magistrate overturned Hoover’s conviction (2007).This decision was then reversed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, which found that the state court had reasonably concluded that errors were harmless. (Unpublished, 2009

Mark richards - furtherIt should be noted that Hoover was not released from prison after the Magistrate’s decision. Although the ruling was reversed, the findings remain interesting: “Hoover believed he was obliged to kill Baldwin out of loyalty to Richards and his duty as a believer in the Pendragon cult.”  The court emphasized that Hoover’s mental state was compromised “by the influence of Richards and the Pendragon fantasy over him.” He became attached “to a manipulative cult leader promising escape from a world of disillusionment.” The court noted that the psychological experts “spoke of Richards’ controlling influence over Hoover — his manipulation of Hoover’s rage.”

In re Richards: The August 8, 1991, petition filed by Mark in the California Supreme Court, with the supporting declaration.  It argued that Mark was denied due process in the appeal and that counsel provided ineffective assistance.  In particular, it alleged that counsel failed to object to the Pendragon evidence on proper grounds and did not adequately investigate evidence that was offered on Mark’s behalf at trial that was rebutted by the prosecutor.  The Court denied the petition.

People v. Crossan Hoover: The original California appellate decision summarizing the facts from the record in that case, referring to Richards’s role in the murder.

People v. Richards:  Unpublished decision of the California Court of Appeal case (No. A02B291) upholding the judgment against Richards.

Richards v. Superior Court:  Decision on a pretrial 1983 appellate writ filed by Richards to dismiss special circumstances, summarizing evidence presented at the preliminary hearing.

Articles and Podcasts

The case for interplanetary saucers
Ellis May Have Enjoyed This Issue

Adventures of Aura Raines:  The exploits of the space captain from Clarian. Not directly related to Mark but has occasionally helped out with friends.

Anastasia: Once Upon a Time:  Maybe you have to be a fantasy gamer to understand this site but on its own terms it fits right in. Perhaps it’s enough to note that “Prince Lee participated in the 1979 Raid on Dulce Base alongside Captain Mark Richards” — confirming much that has been suspected.

The stories here rival anything Mark has said:

“After the events of the movie sometime in 1920, Lenin and Rasputin eloped to the Bahamas where Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla officiated a wedding ceremony for the two men. The wedding was attended by Yara, Mark Richards, and several Raptors. A few years after the wedding, the happy couple was visited by Mark again to come to the future and join the Secret Space Program, which was in need of Lenin’s great leadership ability and Rasputin’s magic skill.”

Captain Mark Richards: “A Murder in Camelot.” A documentary as announced by Kevin Moore, a YouTube interviewer and channeler who began to take a critical look at Mark. Moore interviewed both JoAnn and Kerry before changing his mind and becoming the only researcher to have spoken with Mark’s former wife, Crossan Hoover, and people who knew Mark. Moore obtained some remarkable video footage taken before Mark was a “Captain.” 

The trailer for the film is a good introduction into the cast of characters and Moore released several videos about his work. An interview with Chris Mathieu (Forbidden Knowledge News) provides a summary.

Mark richards - furtherKevin Moore (The Moore Show) generated much more controversy than other critics of Mark’s story. He announced a planned documentary on a Murder in Camelot and produced several YouTube updates. At one point he confronted Jo Ann an event. Mark labeled Kevin an “internet troll.” Other figures, such as conspiracy theorist Simon Parkes (whose mother was a 9 foot tall alien), were drawn into the matter offering opinions. Kerry published several articles attacking Moore. During this same period, Kevin expanded his focus and announced he wanted to take down Kerry, Jo Ann, and others — admittedly in anger.

The podcast Knowledge Fight covered some of these developments, including an analysis of discernment, Kerry’s impassioned defense of Mark, and much of what followed with Kevin Moore.

Those interested in the matter can also visit the lengthy Project Avalon thread about Richards (and Moore). The thread includes contributions by Cassidy, Moore, Bill Ryan, and SkyMatters (this site).

The documentary stalled and may never be finished

Emoluments of Mars:  An excellent blog by Expat, “Mocking pseudoscience since 2008.”  Although blog was always worth reading regardless of the article, it was suspended after health problems. There are several great posts about Kerry and Mark. The link here is a site search for Mark’s name.

Mark richards - furtherMark made a number of predictions about COVID-19. “Those humans taken off-world, according to Mark, by Reptilians, are sold to other races for food and used as sex slaves. This virus will mutate and other governments are using it to facilitate eliminating some of their populations as well. One-quarter of a million people will die of the virus this year.”  Read the blog to learn if Expat was able to a “toldya dance” after reviewing Mark’s accuracy.

Hidden in Plain Sight: The podcast has a few episodes about Mark but this one is about Kerry’s famous 10th Interview that gave Mark a chance to explain his case.

“Kerry Cassidy finally addressed the “baseball hat to the skull of a friend” in the room on this installment of the Mark Richard saga. Kerry discussed the case at length and even while stating the monumentally dumb out loud she fails to realize she’s been hoodwink or perhaps even bamboozled. Kerry is the real life version of the people in the Hitman games where they hear you snap a man’s neck inches away from them but decide it must have just been the breeze and go about their business. No amount of warning signs are sufficient for Kerry to realize she’s been peddling nonsense.”

He’s a Murderer With an Intergalactic Alibi. And She’s in Love With Him:   A sympathetic portrait of Mark and JoAnn in better days.

Further: knowledge fight on kerry cassidy and captain mark richards
Explaining Mark and Kerry

Knowledge Fight:  A podcast usually focused on humor and Alex Jones that has included the Richards story as part of its Wacky Wednesday series. Episodes about Mark, Kevin, and Kerry are featured on this site. The series is a romp through most of the incredible saga. The link here is a site search for Mark’s name but there are other episodes of interest. Their joint podcast with QAnon Anonymous on the Secret Space Program includes Mark and other matters important to understanding the underlying story.

Mark Richards Exposed: A Spanish language podcast relying on an earlier version of this site.

More adventures of captain mark richards - a naga geocache

Nagadraconis: A letterbox/geocache near where Ellis might have made contact, with some information about early Saucer sightings at Hamilton AFB.

“During the visit at Hamilton, Naga told officials about technology that the grays had been withholding, and introduced us to multi-universes and multi-dimensional reality. The reptilians, however, were deeply divided. Prince Agni of the Draconian Empire had supported Nazis and even ordered Naga, his brother, to be killed. The visit, therefore, came at a critical time in earth’s history and our relations to other beings.”

Pendragon:  Dollop podcast by Dave Anthony and Gareth Williams (linked to Spotify) covering the Pendragon murder.  A good summary of the crime based on the Borowitz article and articles on our former site, told with humor.

Project Notalot: Kerry Cashmeoutside explains her role as an independent journalist and the importance of discernment as she drops truth bombs. Spot on. Take the time to explore other interviews and features on her YouTube channel, including MedBeds, Aliens, and cab drivers.

Rational Wiki:  Article on Mark Richards, drawing on sources discussed on this page    

Testing Total Recall

Anatomy of a Hoax:  Jacques Vallee’s analysis of the Philadelphia Experiment looks at ways to identify a UFO hoax. An excellent framework for looking at any number of claims, including those by Mark.

Bob Lazar’s Litany of Lies: A compilation of research into the Lazar story. It is very thorough and a good example of how claims can be investigated.  There are also some interesting parallels to Mark’s story


Inclusion - gorightly book


Fake News, QAnon and . . . UFOs?  A Parallax Views podcast with J.G Michael and guests Adam Gorightly (Saucers, Spooks, and Kooks: UFO Disinformation in the Age of Aquarius) and David Perkins. The podcast does not mention Mark Richards but covers Paul Bennewitz and the origins of the Dulce stories, which Mark used to insert himself into the mythos.

Mark richards - furtherBennewitz began researching UFOs in New Mexico but became a target of Richard Doty who fed him stories of malevolent aliens, government coverups and deals, and tales of an underground base at Dulce. He was literally driven insane but his story became the basis for Phil Schneider and Mark to emerge with claims of a battle with aliens, who had been committing horrific acts at the base..

The Dulce story became part of the foundation of the UFO Conspiracy subculture, which ultimately included an affiliation with QAnon – something  Kerry Cassidy has advanced.  Gorightly’s book is a must read for understanding this development and much more. This interview serves as an excellent introduction.

How I Infiltrated a Bizarre Conspiracy Cult: YouTube videographer Oki went undercover to explore the Secret Space Program and its adherents.

How Washington Got Hooked on Flying Saucers:  Jason Colavito explores media interest in the UFO narrative.  Mark and Kerry are not discussed but “the consequences of embracing bad science and replacing facts with conspiracy theories and pseudoscience” applies here.  The article features important information on the intersection of QAnon, conspiracy, and media acceptance of unproven claims in articles by Leslie Kean.  See also Why Tucker Carlson Loves UFOs.

Fire watch tower


Three Dollar Kit: This site focuses on Travis Walton,  Betty and Barney Hill, and Añjali. It is included here because it is an excellent example of the kind of research that can be done, even taking on some of the most iconic stories in UFO lore

The UFO Trail:  While not dealing directly with Richards, Jack Brewer consistently writes about the importance of integrity and critical thought. His book, The Grays Have Been Framed, examines both the methods of researchers who use hypnosis and how intelligence operations might have exploited the matters.  Wayward Sons: NICAP and the IC presents a compelling story of how Intelligence is linked to one of the most important organizations in the history of the UFO movement.  

The linked article presents various writers discussing how they discern truth. The site and both books is required reading for anyone seeking to judge competing claims or follow the trail.

QAnon and UFO Conspiracies Are Merging: MJ Banias explores why QAnon and UFO culture find alliances. It is easy to make the transition from Q to belief in the deep state and breakaway civilization behind UFO conspiracy culture.

The Last Word

Firesign theater explains it all

Everything You Know Is Wrong:  In 1974 the Firesign Theater produced an album that explained everything.  It still does.   Mark Richards, Añjali, Kerry Cassidy — it’s all prefigured here.  Who knows, perhaps it influenced Mark?  Listen to this and Part Two.

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