The Mark and Jo Ann Richards Challenge

Keys to Credibility

In Search of Promised Proof

Keys to credibility- adventures of mark richardsMark Richards and Jo Ann Richards (Earth Defense Headquarters) hold the keys to resolving issues that have been raised concerning his story — whether he is a space captain or an example of stolen valor.

The challenge they face is that credibility needs some evidence to establish.  Once lost it can be hard to regain. Jo Ann has argued that the material they present is no more outlandish than other statements about aliens or the Secret Space Program:

What makes our information more unbelievable than others with their abduction and/or MILAB experiences, or the ones who have hybrid children, or those with UFO sightings?

That may be. The examples are endless.  A “researcher” who spoke at a UFO conference was given a lifetime achievement award soon after she introduced a group of alien-human hybrids to the audience. Others have claimed that their parents are aliens and that they have inside knowledge. One now says she is a messenger of higher beings. By this standard, Jo Ann may be right.

The question, however, is not whether the story is as unbelievable as others.  

Richards have presented specific claims of holding advanced degrees and being a naval captain. These begin and end with the standards of evidence.  At least some evidence must be presented. Unless Mark’s claims can be substantiated, there is no reason to believe any other part of the puzzle.

The First Key – Academic Proof

In 2019, Jo Ann wrote

Mark has just sent to me additional proof as well – prison documents that verify his high school graduation and five college degrees. I will post these documents soon on my blogsite. I should also soon have their verification of his military career. 

The initial key is to release this information so that it can be reviewed.

We have found (and posted) confirmation of Mark’s high school graduation, his enrollment in the College of Marin, and graduation as a history major from Dominican College. But four other post-graduate degrees that have changed over the years? If these were the claimed degrees they are not persuasive. If there are others, they should be presented. Stolen intellect is as important as valor.

Academic history is not subject to the kind of secrecy that Mark claims for his military documents. There are no prohibitions against releasing one’s own academic records. Copies of academic theses, such as that which would be needed for his claimed doctorate in political science, could be posted. (Super Soldier Podcast interview.) Jo Ann Richards should fulfill her promise.

The Second Key – Military Proof

The second key to credibility is to provide Mark’s military records. Jo Ann has wondered why others have not been able find Mark’s military history when she and the prison have documented it.  We have have tried, along with others.  If they are readily available it should be no problem to release that documentation.  Somehow, there is always a reason not to do it,


I do have copies of some of Mark’s military orders and assignments proving his involvement in top-secret operations.  – Jo Ann Richards, Midlife Magic 


The secrecy with Mark’s records stand in contrast to his father. This site obtained public records concerning Major Ellis Richards and have posted Ellis’s documented records. We obtained the reports relating to his serious air crash — which we even gave to Jo Ann and Mark upon their request. Although we disagree about many things that have been said about Ellis, there is no doubt that he was a major in the Air Force and there is much to commend him for accomplishing.


Captain mark richards a fb forged medal


The one document that has been provided about Mark does not establish credibility. It is a citation that purports to give a 15-year old Mark a medal for valor in Naval combat service in Vietnam. There are a number of problems with it, including Mark’s age when he supposedly was in combat. He was too young to serve and would have been in the middle of his school year. The name is in a different sized font and typeface.  (See Space Captain, Footnote Two.)

Jo Ann stated on the Project Avalon thread that she had documents about Mark’s assignment to the secret Aurora project, if she could find them. Since the project is so secret that it’s very existence is not confirmed, this would be interesting. Because the “cat is out of the bag” the documents would not add anything to what has been said.  It’s time to locate them.

The National Archives has not been able to find the same kind of records pertaining to Mark that were given in regards to Ellis. Jo Ann has suggested that the problem may be because Mark is still on active duty, yet military personnel records for those on active duty do not show this. (Department of Defense Manpower Data Center.)


Mark, Kerry Cassidy, and others consistently encourage people to do their own research.  How can that be done if supporting information is withheld? 


Jo Ann has maintained that she cannot legally release personnel records pertaining to Mark, but there are no privacy or policy considerations that prevent it. If he was an army lieutenant who fought in Vietnam and transferred to the navy there should be ample public records that have nothing to do with classified information. The fact of service, such as dates and rank is public. A promotion to be a navy captain – a rank equivalent to a colonel – is a matter of record. At bottom, there is certainly nothing to prevent Mark from releasing his own records.

Mark and Jo Ann Richards Face a Choice

The mark and jo ann richards challenge
Photo: He’s a Murderer With an Intergalactic Alibi

Secrecy is not an answer
. Jo Ann has stated that all records are classified, but establishing that Mark flew helicopters in a war is clearly different than being part of a secret space program. Since similar portions of Ellis’s record — who is said to have engaged in deeply classified missions and headed earth security — can be documented, then nothing limits Mark from providing any 
records that exist. The mission may be secret but the record of service is not.

Think of it this way: if Mark and Jo Ann can reveal top secret information (such as tge existence of the Aurora project), they can show that Mark earned numerous degrees and served in Vietnam. It should be easy if it is true.

Jo Ann has also pointed to Kevin Moore and a planned documentary as another reason why records cannot be released. This site is not affiliated with Moore. If a documentary is produced, we have always maintained that it will have to be judged on its own merits and that personal controversies are irrelevant. Any future documentary does not provide a reason to ignore the issues that were raised about Marks military and academic claims long before Kevin Moore planned his videos or knew anything about Mark. If anything, it should be important for Mark to establish his credentials to ward off allegations before a documentary is released.  There is no reason to sandbag.

The “Captain Mark Richards” title is central to Mark’s identity. It may be his ultimate answer to the Pendragon murder — everything that went wrong in Pendragon is recast as a Captain. It is important to his interviews with Kerry Cassidy as well as his standing in prison. Indeed, Mark could not disavow stolen valor without risking how he is perceived in prison. 

Mark’s claims to be a whistleblower blower cannot be separated from the Captain title. Kerry and others have emphasized his military bearing or trusted his version of the Pendragon murders in part because he presents himself as an honorable captain. Jo Ann in turn has written a book, Midlife Magic, that presents her personal connection to the story.

This site has maintained that Mark’s claims are not true, not simply because the tale defies many assumptions or discusses Raptors and aliens, but because the claims are contrary to Mark’s known history. Mark cannot simply ask that we ignore the documented record without establishing otherwise. False academic degrees and stolen valor must be resolved if there is more to the story.  

In 2019, I stated in comments on another blog

Jo Ann and I live within a few miles of each other. If she invites me over to look at the evidence and Mark’s claims are shown to be true, I will retract what I have written on my web site, tell Kevin that he should abandon his film, and support Mark’s bid for clemency.

Joann replied that the time was not right. When will the time be right? The offer still holds. Jo Ann has since moved but that should not be a factor to review documents. Mark holds the answer to his own credibility. [1] We have a great deal of personal sympathy for both Mark and Jo Ann Richards. We do not believe in life without possibility of parole. Jo Ann appears to be sincere. Neither sympathy or sincerity establishes credibility.                

The Ultimate Key

The Dill Factor may make all of this moot. The Captain Mark Richards story appears to be an empty charade but it could be a piece of performance art. In either case, it is better to make a clean account. It is not easy, but who knows, both of them could find Midlife Magic. It is the hardest key, but the ultimate one.


Mark and jo ann richards have a choice
Which Way?


Revised 7-6-2022.