Nearly Famous Quotes

Nearly Famous Quotes

— That May or May Not Explain Things


Has anyone investigated ragocazy?

From both sides of the divide. Almost as famous as anything in the entire saga or the interviews with Kerry. Perhaps this is all that needs to be read – or even said.

But has anyone truly investigated Ragocazy?


  • “Mark is on the highest levels of the Republican National Committee.” – Jo Ann Richards, 2018
  • When I hear it being relayed from Mark that raptors are cool but if they are frustrated they might eat a kid, I’m hearing him trying to confess to murder.”  – Dan and Jordon, Knowledge Fight Podcast, No. 79, 2017.
  • ET’s that are investing in movies, movies make the most money and that that money is all going into the black projects. There is a paper trail that Hollywood has that would prove this… but it is hidden. George Lucas and James Cameron are very well versed in what is going on here on planet earth and know the Raptors are investing in their movies.” – Mark Richards, Second Interview
  • “I also believe that there is an underlying pedophile ring that is behind the scenes in the current campaign targeting of Mark Richards. This relates to the Luciferian alliance, satanism and the dark magicians.”  – Kerry Cassidy, 10th Interview
  • “Somebody should have told me that teenagers are kind of flaky.” – Dave Anthony and Gareth Williams, Dollop Podcast, Episode 9.
  • “Mark states that the Raptor queen was given a view of two potential future timelines for her race: one where they were enemies of the Humans and viewed us as food/energy sources, and one where they aligned themselves positively with Humans. She saw that the one in which they aligned with Human was more beneficial to her kind. Because of this, she changed the trajectory of the Raptors forever.” – Kerry Cassidy, Rebel Gene
  • “[Raptors] show up at places like Comic Con every year apparently, and he says that a lot of ET’s show up at Comic Con. It is considered to be great fun. Obviously some are in disguise; some are covered by hoods and that kind of thing.” – Mark Richards, Third Interview
  • “On 28 August, 1953 there was a major UFO sighting in San Rafael where the Raptors conducted what was in essence a ‘christening ceremony’ of sorts to celebrate Mark’s birth. They believe that for the first two months of life the spirit or soul is not present, and they waited until this date to have a ceremony around Mark’s birth. I asked why Raptors chose Mark and his family. He said that they appreciate humans with raptor like courage.”- Mark Richards, Third Interview.
  • “[Mark] has enough influence and contacts in the Universe to take back Earth from those in power… He is their enemy and they fear him.  Knowing what he knows he could garner enough support to take them down.”  – Kerry Cassidy and Mark Richards,  Fifth Interview
  • “He’s always had higher [security] clearances than the president, from the time he was a kid.”  – Jo Ann Richards, quoted in He’s a Murderer With an Intergalactic Alibi. And She’s in Love With Him.
  • “You’d think someone who has saved the planet from alien invasion on multiple occasions would get some respect.” – Expat, The Emoluments of Mars, 10-29-2018
  • “The government still so fears my whistleblowing efforts that they will go so far as to organize a media attack to further discredit me . . . Why else, after nearly 40 years, would anyone try to dig up such long forgotten stories?  Mark Richards, To Be Attacked by a Cyber-Space Troll, 2019
  • Even though my husband has been formerly stripped of his rank, I still consider myself an officer’s wife. He was falsely charged with masterminding a murder in 1982, so he’s been in prison for over 30 years. We know that the shadow government just wants him out of their hair. My husband grew up knowing pretty much everything, lots of big secrets. He used to play with the Kennedys’ children and he’s been around aliens ever since he was a kid. He was trained in the US military and the Raptor military.”  – Jo Ann Richards, Vice Magazine, “Talking to Self Proclaimed UFO Witnesses,” 2015
  • “Mark has an active commission.” – Jo Ann Richards, Super Soldier Interview (2018)
  • “The amazing battle that now took place around me had all the appeal of some movie epic, as the best science of a dozen civilizations smashed into each other with violence so brutal and without pity that one prayed it was some vast creation of fiction.” — Captain Mark Richards describing the Battle of Harvest Moon, Dragonhill News
  • “Cassidy’s only vindication of Richards is based on the fact that she is an expertise false flag researcher. Therefore, she can confirm that the secret government orchestrated a false flag Pendragon Cult murder to hide the truth about the secret space program.” – Tere Joyce , Beyond the Rabbit Hole, 2019
  • “He is famous for having led the raid on Dulce Base in 1979, a battle with Archon alien forces employing reverse-engineered Annunaki technology in which Mark and his team freed thousands of female abductees and human experimentation victims from the clutches of Hillary Clinton and Majestic 12.”  – Anastasia, Once Upon a Time.
  • “The women in Trump’s family are not human.”  – Mark Richards, 12th Interview.
  • “All you have to do is search the web and you can find this stuff.” – Kerry Cassidy explaining to Kevin Moore that she is aware of criticism of Mark.
  • “If he is innocent and an honorable SSP member he will be freed at a future point when a Full Disclosure event occurs and will most likely testify in a world court against those who falsely imprisoned him (If this indeed occurred). If this is the case I hope he stays safe to be able to enjoy freedom once again (with his wife).” – Corey Goode
  • They will kill for chocolate!” – Mark Richards, 7th Interview 
  • “I realize you have no clue how true my Mark Richards interviews are but time will prove him one of the greatest whistleblowers to ever live . . . A national treasure.”  – Kerry Cassidy,  May 18, 2021
  • “I get that Mark Richards was confronted on his blatant honesty, and when that meeting occurred, he basically voiced some expletives and told them he wouldn’t be hushed or lie.  He felt the people had a right to know what he knew, and didn’t hold back.  He couldn’t be controlled, and as a consequence he was framed for a murder as both a punishment and a warning to others, while trying to pose the question of credibility in people’s minds.” – Psychic Focus Lynn
  • ”And if this wasn’t enough to prove he slept through criminal school, Richards and Hoover reportedly went around straight up bragging that they’d killed somebody.” –  MicroNationLand
  • ”What makes our information more unbelievable than others with their abduction and/or MILAB experiences, or the ones who have hybrid children, or those with UFO sightings? Many of those people are my friends and colleagues. Do they have physical proof? If they don’t, are they being persecuted? I hope not.” – Jo Ann Richards.
  •  “When the Dutchman was killed certain factions (most likely based around the Bilderberg group ) had practically every male and female super soldier on the planet lobotomized.”  – James Casbolt
  • ”Mark . . . You have many beautiful children on earth and you will surely have more with your new wife.  I was but a moment in your life.”  – Atimpaasa
  • So go ahead pretend I am crazy. Pretend Mark isn’t telling you the truth. Close your ears and your eyes and pretend it’s all a lie. But you do so at your own peril. And at the risk of your children. And their children’s children.” – Kerry Cassidy
  • “The last time a hitchhiker got a ride with Minerva did not turn out so good.” – SkyMatters


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