The Dreams of Kerry Cassidy 

Dreams of kerry cassidy

In May 2021, Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) posted an open letter written to her former partner Bill Ryan, primarily complaining about being dropped from YouTube. Of note was her assertion that Donald Trump  continues to hold the nuclear codes — rather than President Biden — so that he remains the true 45th president. She has had prophetic dreams and a vision of her working on the 2024 campaign for Trump and JFK Jr.  

She has gone deep into Q and the fantasies of Juan O Savin that the military has recognized Trump as Commander-in-Chief.  It would be funnier if not for recent history.  As much as one is tempted to laugh, the danger presented by Trump and his allies is just too great.  

Apparently over 30,000 lies told by Trump, armed groups, and the capitol insurrection were not enough to dissuade Cassidy. Nor does it matter that justice was weaponized and the environment was for sale during the Trump administration.  Sacred areas were put up on the market. As a self-proclaimed journalist who presents whistleblowers, she was not bothered by Trump’s attacks on the media and news sources.  But Trump is not the savior of this country or any other.[1] Cassidy also stated that the catastrophic Miami building collapse was a shot across the bow, using scalar weapons or directed energy, aimed at Trump.  If genius knows it’s limits, she clearly has none.

“trump is controlled by aliens” - richards
Controlled by Aliens

The association between Trump and those who claim to fight the “New World Order” is somewhat of a mystery.[2] An interesting interview with Jason Colavito explores the connection between QAnon, Trump supporters and UFO conspiracies. Colavito notes that it is possible to be both ridiculous and dangerous. The “Right-wing extremist groups have made a concerted effort to infiltrate flying … Continue reading  It is especially curious coming from one who holds  Captain Mark Richards to be the most important whistleblower of our times.  During the 7th and 8th Interviews,  Richards stated that Trump was a danger. He was controlled by aliens and had profited enormously from it. The administration had numerous reptilians within it. 


“[Trump] went from being a mediocre millionaire in four years to being mega-rich. His wife is a biological creation that operates as his direct link to an alien race. She is his ‘communication device’.” – Mark Richards, 8th Interview.


In subsequent interviews Mark expressed increased admiration for Trump. In 2018, Jo Ann Richards claimed that Mark was on the highest levels of the Republican National Committee. By the 11th interview, Mark said there was a change in Trump and agreed that he was the reincarnation of General Patton.

At the same time he asserted in the 12th Interview the women in Trump’s family are not human – so perhaps there are complications.

Kerry somehow reconciles her beliefs about New World Order with a prayer that “Trump will come forward and expose/depose Biden.” This is a remarkable statement given that Trump was only committed to his own profit and to the accumulation of wealth and power in the hands of a few.  Who better personifies the New World Order and disregard for truth?


Juan O Savin is my favorite person right next to President Trump and Melania. I knew he was someone special the first time I listened to him over a year ago. There is no doubt in my mind that he is JFK Jr in disguise.” – Cassidy, May 2021.


Why do people who are consistently wrong still gain an audience? Juan Savin, Simon Parkes, and Kerry Cassidy have this in common. The more they are wrong, the more some people want to listen. Too many people have embraced a destructive fantasy — to what end?  They helped to create a culture of fear.  We can do better.  As has been pointed out, Merle Haggard taught us that by asking “Why’re we scared?”

We cannot say for certain that this is Juan Savin, as has been stated, but we know in any event that he’s not JFK, Jr.


Kerry cassidy and juan doubles down
Doubling Down


To assert that Trump continues to hold the nuclear codes and remains the President goes beyond deception and the Big Lie.  It is the
 Grand Delusion.  Perhaps she needs a healthy dose of Mea Culpa.  

A National Treasure 

Kerry linked Mark to her belief in the dangers of vaccinations.  The covid vaccines are said to “‘terraform our bodies’ from carbon to silicon. . . link us to what I call the BORG (AI) run by the CCP (communist Chinese and the greys). . . not the only AI but one intent on taking over our planet and humans in particular.” Meanwhile, the unvaccinated are still at risk.  

Again, considering these beliefs, it is unclear why she allies herself with Trump since he claimed he led the way to the “swift development” of the covid vaccine.

Yes the Vaccines and the covid19 tests contain NANO linked to AI along with PRIONS that attach to the nano then CAN JUMP over untold distances. . . . I am told this by a black project scientist who told my source they have known this for 5 years. . . . And of course Mark Richards has also talked about this on several of my 12 interviews with him proving him right as always.  I realize you have no clue how true my Mark Richards interviews are but time will prove him one of the greatest whistleblowers to ever live . . . A national treasure.

This needs no further comment. A black project scientist told her source so it must be true . .  .  But is Mark really a National Treasure – someone who apparently was ahead of his time in planning an insurrection?

Captain mark richards - pendragon trial
Murder in Camelot

Kerry Cassidy’s Imagination

The links between Trump, JFK Jr, vaccinations, and Mark Richards require a special kind of imagination or mental gymnastics that Cassidy has in abundance. But we will make a prediction for her and Bill Ryan:

Trump will not be reinstated by the military and JFK Jr. will not reveal himself to be Juan or otherwise return to life.  As to Mark, we have already answered that when we first wrote that Trump had no power to pardon him – he will remain a prisoner. The long-shot prediction is that Mark will reconsider some of his newer positions and emerge as a voice of reason. 

In many ways, Kerry Cassidy and Mark Richards are at important crossroads. Stop imagining, stop living in fear, urge people to get a vaccination, and find better sources. 

Get vaccinated


Update:  During recent talk, Jo Ann Richards stated that she and Mark have not followed Kerry into Q. Mark has remained silent so he has not become a voice of reason. Kerry continues to double down on Trump, Savin, and JFK Jr.