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Sometimes it is not necessary to make a comment, but we can’t help saying something. The funnies relating to or inspired by Captain Mark Richards, alien raptors, or the usual cast of characters. Items on this page are updated or deleted from time to time. Please feel free to email any suggestions.

Does the Raptor® get a cut of the Raptor Princess Knowledge Fight enterprise?

Raptor princess - no comment

The real story is that Tin Tin first met Nagadraconis long before the prince landed at Hamilton and encountered the Dutchman.

No comment - tin tin meets naga

The acclaimed surfer Mark Richards (no relation) designed surfboards with Alien, UFO, and 1980s retro themes. Even Naga likes to catch a wave on an MR board. Coincidence?

Aliens, ufo and retro 1980s surfs

This is a repeat from another page but by coincidence (we’re sure) it fits here equally well.

No comment needed - the story of captain mark richards

The Thing Museum in Arizona asks if Winston Churchill was upset that his chauffeur was an alien. Those who know the story of Mark Richards and Winnie can guess the answer. But its depiction of an alien riding a dinosaur seems wrong. . . . It is commonly known that the aliens were dinosaurs.

No comment - aliens and dinos at the thing museun

Did Mark, Ellis Richards, and the Raptors have an unexpected ally with Ronald Reagan joining in the battle at Dulce or against the Dracos and Greys?

Reagan battling draco invaders

They will kill for chocolate!” – Mark Richards

No comment - alien eating earth bar

Indeed. This might explain certain things related to Kerry Cassidy.

No comment - beware of ufo cults

It’s hard to tell whether Mark was born too soon to design the electric car that he wanted to build or too late to develop fully the storyline of being a space captain. But Mark was not the first captain to meet the cat people while battling in space.

No comment - another space captain besides mark richards

Disclose with Kerry. Get your friends to expand their minds.

No comment - disclose with a kerry cassidy cup

If Reagan could battle Dracos, then Trump can join the Not-So-Secret Space Program. This graphic was featured along with a 2020 interview with Jo Ann Richards.

No comment - the adventures of mark richards- trump in space

1982 was the last year of Richard Baldwin’s life and the arrest of Mark Richards. Things might have turned out better for them.

No comment - 1982 was pivotal for captain mark richards

Kids, get your atomic warship with flying saucers today! This model of a command ship seems to include Avro® Flying Saucers and was undoubtedly a prototype for Ellis Richards’s command ship. Who was the Hecht Co. and how did they know?

No comment - avro saucers on a command ship. Just like major ellis richards used

Corey Goode has long warned about the Dracos. Mark states we are battling them in the Orion sector. They need to get a press agent to improve their reputation.

Draco - no comment - captain mark richards

UFOrealitycheck reminds us to think of the troops battling Dracos in the Orion sector. Buy your Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program bonds now and be sure to start your victory garden.

Secret space program bonds

Mark rivaled Captain Kirk with his interstellar relationships — including Atimpaasa — on every planet.

Space relationships

Ripped from today’s headlines.

Ripped from the headlines - no comment

And I thought Mark’s plans to defend the Pendragon kingdom with laser weapons was just a fantasy.  Just three years before Mark’s arrest you could buy genuine plans.

Get your laser weapon