The Illustrated Mark Richards

The Illustrated Mark Richards

The illustrated mark richards showing the two sides of mark richards

The Two Sides of Captain Mark Richards

Farewell - atimpaasa with captain mark richards before he returned to earth

“How am I supposed to go ‘home’ to Earth, when I remember that you are out here in space?” I asked her, bringing her gentle hand to my lips to kiss.”  – Vesta Report,  Mark saying farewell to Atimpaasa (a Pleiadian) soon after they won a decisive battle in space. They had a child together.

Meanwhile on Earth, Mark had just married his college love. He had been ordered to battle on his honeymoon.

The men in black approaching mark richards and yvette, before the fight.

We both saw the Men in Black walking towards us, as if they were waiting for us.”  – The Battle of New Berlin, Describing MIB attack in July 1962 against a nine year old Mark and Yvette in Paris. Mark fought hard but ultimately they were rescued by his father.

At the time, Mark is said to have written, “As we raced towards what would likely be real trouble, when we could have relaxed and run to safety, the lesson was taught to me clearly. Real men never run away. Real men charge into the Gates of Hell, ready to fight Satan if they have to.”

Some of mark richards many graduations

“He has degrees in history, political science, quantum physics, and education. He was a Rhodes Scholar and has letters from Oxford.”  – Jo Ann Richards.  With all those degrees, he barely had time to attend the ceremonies and save the world.

Mark richards getting a traffic ticket

“I was back on the freeway just in time for a state trooper to pull me over for going over 65 in a 55 zone. For the next hour I was trying to explain why a Californian was driving a car from Maryland with a permission slip from somebody who was not the owner. Yes, world, Mark got a ticket.”  -1977 Seriatim journal report on delivering magazines to Oregon and Washington. A real life adventure!

Nagadraconis meeting ellis richards at hamilton afb.

On August 3, 1952, a nine foot alien raptor landed at Hamilton AFB – Prince Nagadraconis, first born of the Imperial House of Dark Claw.  Ellis Richards met with Naga and the two developed a lifelong friendship. The raptors had decided to trust Ellis since he was courageous and brave.  Naga later served as the science officer for Captain Mark Richards on his ship, the Valkyrie.  – Information from Jo Ann Richards, “Knights of the Cold War” presentations.

Titania essex and mark richards. A childhood friend who became his wife.

Titania Essex was one of Mark’s loves. They were childhood friends in England and eventually married and had three children together. Titania was powerful and magical in her own right — the Queen of Midland witches. Her murder by the MI6 caused Mark to question his involvement in the Secret Space Program.  – Kerry Cassidy Interviews; Midlife Magic by JoAnn Richards.

Dulce battle as told by captain mark richards. Illustrated

“Now, for the mission against Dulce, they were under the command of the Dutchman’s son, who was something of a legend in his own right in the black ops circle. Two things were beyond question: the younger Richards had proven himself in combat, and he had never asked his men to do anything he wasn’t ready to do, or left any behind.” – The Dulce Battle, as told by Mark in a report that he states was written for the Joint Chiefs.

The Dutchman was his father who was in overall command of the operation. Mark was wounded in the heroics. Naga and the raptor forces ultimately saved the day.

Mark richards after the verdict and his return to prison. An illustrated life.

“He began to understand that he was in real trouble the moment the jurors returned to the courtroom.  It was the first threat to his relished freedom.  A look of fear crossed his eyes.”  – John Todd, Marin Independent Journal.

The cell doors closed and Mark’s life changed.  Years later he would reveal that he had been a space captain all this time.

Part One. All illustrations made through the Wombo AI app.  Except as otherwise noted, the story is Mark’s own.